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Concrete Protection – The active maintenance of your stuctures

Concrete and Building Protection; CBP

Concrete requires protection through advanced technology in order to achieve effective and long-lasting concrete protection.

Every day the exposed surfaces of your structures are exposed to changing environmental conditions, carbon dioxide, the influence of chlorides and other corrosive substances whereby the concrete structures get vulnerable to damage and deterioration. Once the concrete has lost its protective properties, it is only a matter of time before concrete corrosion becomes a major problem. Cracks and damages to the concrete are mainly the result of chloride pollution and other aggressive environmental impacts. The protection of construction units from penetration by humidity and fluids plays a significant role. To generate this protection, we provide tailor made solutions with our systems which are open for diffusion.




HD                 -         The easy-to-clean - impregnation

Hydro            -         The hydrophobic impregnation

Hydro +        -         The hydro- and oleophobic impregnation

SilaCor          -         The water pressure-tight and chloride-ion-closed impregnation

SilaTop         -          The high power hydrophobic impregnation


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